CS:GO Crash is a game where you lock in a bet and aim to stop the bomb before it explodes to earn coins based on your bet and the bet multiplier.

The Steps to Participate in Crash on CSGOFast:

  1. Top up your account
  2. Lock in your bet during the pre-round countdown.
  3. Observe the multiplier, which commences at x1 and progressively escalates.
  4. Hit "Stop" before the Crash point, bringing the game to a halt.
  5. The player's wager increases by a multiplier at the end of the game, allowing them to earn a significant reward.

Advantages of CS:GO Crash on CSGOFast

The Core Principles of Our Fair Play Commitment

Our social platform, CSGOFast, is anchored in a commitment to Fair Play. At the start of every round, our service generates a lengthy, random number that falls within the range of 0 to 1 (such as 0.223088) and runs it through the SHA-2 encryption. You can view this encrypted result at the onset of the round. As the round concludes, this random number is utilized in a formula to calculate the coefficient, which is as follows:

let coef = 0.001 + 0.999 / (1 - random);

if (Math.floor(coef * 100) % 33 === 0) {

coef = 1;


else {

coef = Math.round(coef * 100) / 100;


For instance, if the starting number was 0.24412312303230728, the above formula would yield the number 1.32.

You have the option to verify the correct determination of the winning sector independently. Take the encrypted number at the end of the round and re-encode it using any online service like You will see the same hash value as in the beginning of the round. It confirms that the game's result wasn't tampered with.

Given that our system calculates the final coefficient before the commencement of the game and the players can monitor any changes, there's no benefit for us to interfere with the game. Thus, this system serves as a guarantee of Fair Play.

Safe and Authentic CSGO Crash Site

As a social game platform in operation since 2015, CSGOFast has proven to be a trustworthy arena for CS:GO Сrash. As a fully secured site using a connection with SSL encryption.

Fast Payouts and Multiple Withdrawal Options

CSGOFast is renowned for its speedy payouts and diverse withdrawal methods, making it the go-to choice for CSGO Crash. You can conveniently retrieve your winnings through CS:GO Skins and other virtual goods.

🎮 Game


🎁 Bonus

up to 15% bonus to XP

💸 Deposit

CS Skins, Visa/Master, virtual currencies etc.

🎰 Multiplier

up to 100000000000

⭐ Rating


Rules and Tactics of CS GO Crash

  1. Making bets. Kick off the round by placing your wager. Stay alert and ready to hit stop before the game crashes!
  2. Determining the stake multiplier. The stake multiplier evolves as the game progresses, starting at x1 and accelerating. But if you wait too long, you could hit the Crash.
  3. Tips to Boost Your Winnings. Mastering when to stop is vital to amplifying your winnings in a CSGO Crash. Monitor the multiplier trends and make informed decisions to ensure you cash out before the crash.

The Thrill of Uncertainty in Crash CS:GO Site

Random Crash Timing for Equitable Gameplay

The game crashes at an arbitrary moment, ensuring equitable gameplay while keeping the gaming experience exciting and unpredictable.

Dynamic Multiplier for Enhanced Excitement

The adrenaline rush of CSGO crash comes from the continuously fluctuating multiplier. As the multiplier intensifies, so do the stakes, making the game an adrenaline-infused encounter.

Rise to the Challenge in the Intense CS GO Crash Game

Take part in the CSGO crash and put your decision-making skills to the test under pressure. Will you opt for an early cash-out, or risk it all for a higher multiplier?

One of The Best CS:GO Crash Sites

A Reliable and Fully Accredited CS Crash Platform

CSGOFast is a premier CS:GO crash site. As aplatform with a strong track record, it is recognized for its commitment to fairness, security, and rapid payouts.

Intuitive Interface and Prompt Customer Support

The platform's intuitive interface and responsive customer support make it an optimal choice for both seasoned players and those new to the scene. Whether you're here to engage in CS:GO Crash or other games, our support team is ready to assist.

Become a Part of the CSGOFast Community Now

With high stakes, swift payouts, and a provably fair system, free to play mode it's the ultimate platform to test your luck and tactics. Join the vibrant CSGOFast community today and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of CSGO Crash.